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Dimensional Calibration Services

Aldinger calibrates a wide array of equipment used to measure physical and/or dimensional attributes with accuracy and precision, even up to one millionth (1/1000000) of an inch on certain equipment. Browse the list below for a brief overview of some of the equipment we calibrate or, for a detailed list, see our scope.

A2LA Accreditation

View our scope and 17025 accreditation.   Scope

Service Form

Before sending your equipment to Aldinger's A2LA accredited calibration metrology lab, please complete, print and include this brief Service Shipping Form with your package.

Equipment Description Accredited On-Site
Bore Gage      
Cable Length To 1000' w/100' indicators  
Caliper 6" to 18"
  To 100"  
Coating Thickness Gage Measures thickness of a coat of paint  
Cylindrical Plug Gage Up to 12"  
Cylindrical Ring Gage Up to 12" diameter  
Depth Micrometer To 18"
  To 36"  
Feeler Gage      
Flat Plug Gage Up to 12"    
Footage Counter  
Gage Block Up to 4"  
Glass Scale    
Height Gage To 24"
  To 48"  
Height Set Masters Up to 24"  
ID Micrometer To 18"  
  To 48"    
Indicator Digital, dial or test
Master Disc Up to 12"  
Micrometer Length Std Up to 10"
  Up to 48"  
OD Micrometer To 18"
  To 48"  
Optical Comparator X, Y & Z axis  
Pi Tape    
Pin Gage Class X, XX, Z, ZZ  
Profile Projector X, Y & Z axis  
Radius Gage      
Ruler Up to 40" with 1/32" reading  
Sine Bar    
Snap Gage 6" to 18"
  To 100"  
Stage Micrometer    
Tape Measure To 100'  
Test Indicator  
Thickness Gage  
Thread & Gear Wires Digital, dial or test  
Thread Plug Gage To 4"  
  To 12"  
Thread Ring Gage To 2"  
V Blocks      

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