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Force & Torque Proof Testing and Calibration

Whether proof load testing or calibrating, Aldinger can apply tension or compression and calibrate up to 100,000 pounds (lbs). Browse the list below for a brief overview of some of the equipment we calibrate or, for a detailed list, see our scope.

A2LA Accreditation

View our scope and 17025 accreditation.   Scope

Service Form

Before sending your equipment to Aldinger's A2LA accredited calibration metrology lab, please complete, print and include this brief Service Shipping Form with your package.

Equipment Description Accredited On-Site
Aircraft Weighing Kit To 50,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad
  To 100,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad  
Bottle Cap Tester Mechanical or digital  
Compression To 50,000lbs
  To 100,000lbs  
Crimpers-pin Over 220lbs w/pin gages  
Crimpers-pull Pull test up to 220lbs  
Durometer A, B & D type    
Dynamometer To 50,000lbs  
  To 100,000lbs    
Force Gage To 125lbs (tension & compression)
Hardness Tester Rockwell  
Peel Tester Coefficient of friction tester  
Penetrometer Up to 100lbs  
Rolldown Press Up to 50lbs  
Tension To 50,000lbs (24" x 24" x 36")
  To 100,000lbs (24" x 24" x 36")  
Torque Tester To 250lbs/ft  
Torque Wrench To 250lbs/ft
  To 2,000lbs/ft  
Wheel Weigher To 50,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad  
  To 100,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad    

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