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Force & Torque Proof Testing and Calibration

Whether proof load testing or calibrating, Aldinger can apply tension or compression and calibrate up to 100,000 pounds (lbs). Browse the list below for a brief overview of some of the equipment we calibrate or, for a detailed list, see our scope.

A2LA Accreditation

View our scope and 17025 accreditation.   Scope »

Service Form

Before sending your equipment to Aldinger's A2LA accredited calibration metrology lab, please complete, print and include this brief Service Shipping Form with your package.

Equipment Description Accredited On-Site
Aircraft Weighing Kit To 50,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad
  To 100,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad  
Bottle Cap Tester Mechanical or digital  
Compression To 50,000lbs
  To 100,000lbs  
Crimpers-pin Over 220lbs w/pin gages  
Crimpers-pull Pull test up to 220lbs  
Durometer A, B & D type    
Dynamometer To 50,000lbs  
  To 100,000lbs    
Force Gage To 125lbs (tension & compression)
Hardness Tester Rockwell  
Peel Tester Coefficient of friction tester  
Penetrometer Up to 100lbs  
Rolldown Press Up to 50lbs  
Tension To 50,000lbs (24" x 24" x 36")
  To 100,000lbs (24" x 24" x 36")  
Torque Tester To 250lbs/ft  
Torque Wrench To 250lbs/ft
  To 2,000lbs/ft  
Wheel Weigher To 50,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad  
  To 100,000lbs - up to 26" x 26" per pad    

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