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Rental Equipment

For most companies, especially those that deal with products, there comes a time when weighing and/or measuring equipment becomes beneficial, if not necessary. However, sometimes this need is only temporary and the cost of purchasing new equipment for such minimal usage does not make sense.

Aldinger has the perfect solution with our wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment for rent. By renting with us, your company can avoid the costs associated with acquisition of new equipment as well as its maintenance, year after year.


Counting Scales Dynamometers
Shipping Scales Balances
Floor Scales Bar Code Systems
Bench Scales (scanners & printers)
Crane Scales And More

Benefits of renting:

  • Avoid the costs associated with new equipment and maintenance
  • Flexible schedules, large inventory
  • Pick up, delivery and on-site training
  • Variety of equipment types

Aldinger offers flexible schedules to fit your specific renting needs. We also stock a large inventory of rental equipment so it's available when you need it. Aldinger even offers pick up, delivery and on-site training to our local customers. For our non-local customers we offer shipping and customer support to walk you through the usage of your equipment, step-by-step.

Rental equipment from Aldinger can save your company time and money during inventory and other special projects. We rent portable counting scales, shipping scales, floor scales, bench scales, crane scales, dynamometers, balances and more. Aldinger also rents bar code scanner and printer systems to make your inventory counting simpler. Speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives today to learn more about how our rental equipment can save you money.