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Scale System Solutions

Everyone knows that technology is, daily, changing the way we do everything in both our business and social lives. So why should your company be excluded? A custom system solution from Aldinger can dramatically increase profits by dramatically reducing loss associated with wasted product, user errors and inefficient processes. Imagine a batching system for your business that automatically batched ingredients according to accurate weights and recipe instructions, or a filling system that consistently filled every container with the correct amount, every time. How much wasted product and time would that system save you alone?

System capabilities don't stop there

Aldinger can also develop a reporting system that logs data in a computer and/or on your server for fast and accurate monitoring and reporting, or even print out customized labels. This can all be done through automation too, by replacing simple PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) with measurable verifications and triggers, such as weight. With wireless scale systems your scale, indicator and retrieving computer no longer need to be side-by-side, or even in the same room. Aldinger can even devise a self-sustaining system that operates via battery power or solar power.

The customization possibilities are vast and capable of immediately impacting your bottom line. Many of our clients see ROI justification, or recoup the cost of their investment, within 6 months to 1 year, depending on the size and scope. Contact one of our expert system developers today to answer any questions and schedule a consultation.

“I can’t believe how much time and product we were wasting before our new [system]! I know it wasn’t easy and I appreciate all the time and effort spent to create exactly what we needed.”

–Anthony Stinely
Production Manager

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