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Micrometers, Calipers, Gage Blocks, Pin, Plug & Thread Gages.   Details


Volt, Amp & Ohm Meters.   Details


Pipettes, Viscosity & pH meters.   

Force & Torque

Force & Torque Gages, Dynamometers & Tensiometers.   Details


Scales, Balances & Weights.   Details


Pressure, Vacuum Gages, Transducers.   Details


Thermometers, Ovens, Refrigerators & Thermocouples.   Details


Stopwatch, Tacometers, Timers.   


View our scope and 17025 accreditation.   Details

Grain Analysis

Grain analysis computer testing services.   Details

Heavy Capacity

Truck & Rail Scales.   Details


View our scope and 17025 accreditation.   Details

Weight & Measurement Equipment Calibration Services

When it comes to calibration services, there are very few companies that even come close to the scope, experience and quality of service that Aldinger provides. Distance, length, volume, light, etc. - if your equipment measures it, more than likely, we calibrate it.

Our technicians have over 230 years of combined experience in calibrating equipment in many different industries and environments.They know how important accurate measurements are to you so they will get the calibration right, as well as help you identify other pieces of equipment that could benefit from calibration. Aldinger's quality manual, the standard by which our technicians operate, features standard operating procedures (SOP's) based on the ISO 17025 standard. So whether you are in need of A2LA accreditation or just standard calibration, you can be sure that Aldinger is giving you the highest quality of service on every piece of equipment. Read more to learn about the specific categories we calibrate, or contact us today to talk with a representative about scheduling service.

Electronic - Measures current, voltage, hertz, amps and other electrical indicators.. Mulitmeters, oscilliscopes, millohmeters, etc. Details

Fluid - Measures viscosity, refraction, pH levels, conductivity and volume. Pipette, viscometers, refractometers, spectrophotometers, etc. Details

Force/Torque - Measures tension, compression and/or torque. Dynamometers, crimpers, torque wrenches, etc. Details

Mass Measurement - Measures mass, weight and the like. Scales, balances, weights, etc. Details

Physical/Dimensional - Measures distance, or length, between two or more points. Calipers, micrometers, height gages, surface plates, cable length, etc. Details

Pressure - Measures pressure. Pressure gages, compound gages, incline manometers, vacuum, etc. Details

Temperature - Measures heat, cold, temperature change, humidity and more. Incubators, refrigerators, autoclaves, thermocouples, hygrometers, etc. Details

Timing - Measures timing and frequency. Centrifuges, tachometers, timers, etc. Details

Welders - Test open circuit voltage, loaded current measurement (to 300 amps), and wire feed rates. Details

Grain Analysis Computers - Substitution grain verification. Details