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Finding the right measurement equipment can be daunting with the wide range of products, methods, and manufacturers available. We have centuries of combined experience servicing and calibrating equipment in the environments our customers use them. This knowledge enables our product experts to find you the right tools to meet your measuring, and regulatory, requirements.


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Save money with our inventory of rental equipment

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Automated weighing systems

Automated weighing systems can streamline your operations

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Equipment repair services

Our repair technicians can fix most equipment that we calibrate

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ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

Accredited on-site or mail-in calibration services


We sell products from top manufacturers of weighing and measuring equipment

Aldinger is proud to carry products and parts from industry leading manufacturers. Our broad network enables us to obtain parts from all major manufacturers.

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We sell most of the types of equipment we calibrate.

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Whether you need new equipment or service at any point in its lifecycle we have you covered

Even complex system installations and audit assistance

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Our service specialists have centuries of combined experience
We proudly employ U.S. military veterans


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Have the support you need at every stage of your equipment's life cycle. From delivery and complex installations, to accredited certification.


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